My Storage Space By Akhana Braamber When I was walking in Walmart, I was thinking about what to do for this particular assignment. Then I stumbled on a shelf of clearance in the middle of the isle, and there was a little wooden box. It was perfect and exactly what I had in mind. I... Continue Reading →


Self-Cleansing for Meditation

  By Akhana Braamber When the ritual should be performed This ritual is best performed right before any meditation.   Items needed Shower Lavender Shampoo (lavender is associated with cleansing and purifying, shampoo for physical cleansing) Lavender Soap (lavender is associated with cleansing and purifying, soap for physical cleansing) Blue Pouf (blue is associated with... Continue Reading →

My Outdoor Kit

My outdoor kit contains a cute circular meditation blanket I found on Amazon. Why this one? I don’t know, but when I was browsing, it jumped out at me. The pillow is something I found locally. I thought it would go well with my blanket, and it’s made a tougher material which is better for... Continue Reading →

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