Self-Cleansing for Meditation

  By Akhana Braamber When the ritual should be performed This ritual is best performed right before any meditation.   Items needed Shower Lavender Shampoo (lavender is associated with cleansing and purifying, shampoo for physical cleansing) Lavender Soap (lavender is associated with cleansing and purifying, soap for physical cleansing) Blue Pouf (blue is associated with... Continue Reading →


My Outdoor Kit

My outdoor kit contains a cute circular meditation blanket I found on Amazon. Why this one? I don’t know, but when I was browsing, it jumped out at me. The pillow is something I found locally. I thought it would go well with my blanket, and it’s made a tougher material which is better for... Continue Reading →

My Meditation Space

Where have you chosen your meditation space to be and why? I chose a place in my room mostly because I can go in my room, close the door, and not be disturbed. If I were to try to meditate anywhere else, I would have constant “Mommy, Mommy!” The spot I chose in my room... Continue Reading →

My Zafu Pillow

I looked online for the suggested and traditional fills, but I found they were price prohibitive for me so I got some cheap memory foam fill instead. I dug through my fabrics and found two fabrics that would go half-decently together and were a thicker/stronger fabric for the pillow. Then I found a close-enough matching... Continue Reading →

Meditation Questions

I have joined a new class on meditations. These are the initial questions posed and my answers. What are you hoping to get out of this course? I’m not sure. 🙂 It’s a class I’ve wanted to take for years, but I didn’t have the pre-reqs. I love meditation, and perhaps I just wanted to... Continue Reading →

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