Needles Readings

Needles Reading 1: Method 1: The person's name: Bear The date the reading was performed: 7/12/17 The question asked: Will she get over her anxiety on the road while driving her vespa? How the needles fell: One of them picked up and laid across 7 other needles, none of the others crossed. The meaning of... Continue Reading →


Knife Readings

Knife Reading 1: Name: Trouble Date: 7/3/17 Question: Is my practice going in the right direction? Where the knife stopped on each spin: 1. No 2. You must have patience 3. An important letter The meaning of where the knife stopped: 1. No means no. 2. Be patient, things will take time 3. She will... Continue Reading →

Dukkerin’bars Readings

I used a moonstone and an obsidian for these readings. Dukkerin'bars Reading 1: The person's name - Rose The date the reading was performed - 6/10/17 The question asked - Will I score at least a 20 on the ACT today? How the stones fell - The stones fell pretty close to each other, but... Continue Reading →

Dukkerin’kosht Readings

Dukkerin'kosht Reading 1: I had a heck of a time trying to get Mommy time to do these readings. Every time I picked up the sticks, one of the kids needed me. Finally my teen was all, “OOoooh, what are you doing? I want to watch!!” So I asked her to give me a specific... Continue Reading →

Gypsy Lore

Should/can you do a reading for yourself? Why or why not? Yes, you can do a reading for yourself. People caution against doing so because you could be biased with prior knowledge of events and such in your life and may not get an accurate reading. I suspect this is because of intentional blindness, maybe... Continue Reading →

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