My Tool Holders

What color(s) did you choose and why? For the pincushion, I used purple. This pincushion is for pins and needles prior to use but also during magickal crafting. At this point, they would already be smudged, consecrated, and blessed for crafting so I want the pincushion to “hold” the magick. I chose purple as the... Continue Reading →


My Velveteen Star Pincushion

What color fabric did you choose and why? I chose black so that it will pull the energies off the needles. I figured black, as a banishing and removal color, would be a great color for the removal of energies.   What herbs did you use and why? I did a little differently than the... Continue Reading →

My Crafting Bottle

I chose this jar a few weeks ago while tumbling rocks for runemaking. I needed a small container to put the odds and ends chips I was getting from the rock tumbling process. I wanted to keep them, but I didn’t really know what to do with them. I looked around and found this cute... Continue Reading →

My Storage Space By Akhana Braamber When I was walking in Walmart, I was thinking about what to do for this particular assignment. Then I stumbled on a shelf of clearance in the middle of the isle, and there was a little wooden box. It was perfect and exactly what I had in mind. I... Continue Reading →

A Symbol of Your Creativity

I typically cycle through my classes, doing an assignment for each, then coming back to it; however, when I read the next assignment in Witchcrafting, I could not resist grabbing my materials and doing it RIGHT NOW. It was different, yet fun! I enjoyed being creative about my creativity. I did mine on painting because... Continue Reading →

Look What I Made: Blodeuwedd

For Blodeuwedd, I painted an owl with the flowers which were used to create Blodeuwedd.  Chest of hawthorn, belly of nettle, sides of cockle, wings of oak, feet of bean, head of meadowsweet, nose of broom, eyes of primrose, and ears of chestnut. The owl figure represents Blodeuwedd once she's been turned into an owl.... Continue Reading →

Getting Ready for Magickal Crafting

How do you choose to prepare your space for magickal crafting? First, I would want the area clean. If it’s not already, I would put everything away and do a physical cleansing of the area (sweep/vacuum, etc). I wrote a ritual to cleanse and consecrate my crafting table. I would start by cleansing and consecrating... Continue Reading →

Look What I Made: Epona

I painted a picture of Epona in the original Gualish equine form (as opposed to the adopted Roman form of her on/with a horse). She is white to symbolize fertility and protection. I had considered putting a piece of grain in the horse’s mouth, but when it came down to it, I decided the horse... Continue Reading →

Choosing Your Deities

You are to choose a God and a Goddess that are either on the list or choose 2 of your own. Write up a discussion on them and include where they are from and why they are appropriate for crafting. I have chosen Brigid and Lugh. I chose to go with Celtic deity because I’m... Continue Reading →

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