Choosing Your Deities

You are to choose a God and a Goddess that are either on the list or choose 2 of your own. Write up a discussion on them and include where they are from and why they are appropriate for crafting. I have chosen Brigid and Lugh. I chose to go with Celtic deity because I’m... Continue Reading →

My Crafting Space

Tell me about where you choose to do your crafting and why. Where I do my crafting usually depends on what I’m doing. If we are talking about making dream catchers or painting, I usually do that in the living room near my work desk. If it’s easily done in the living room, I choose... Continue Reading →

My Crafting Experience

Tell me about what sort of crafting you have done? I have done mundane things like painting and drawing. I grew up sewing, too. I used to enjoy things like wood-burning, but I gave that up because I kept having trouble with asthma when I burned. Scrap-booking was always a big thing in my life,... Continue Reading →

My Zafu Pillow

I looked online for the suggested and traditional fills, but I found they were price prohibitive for me so I got some cheap memory foam fill instead. I dug through my fabrics and found two fabrics that would go half-decently together and were a thicker/stronger fabric for the pillow. Then I found a close-enough matching... Continue Reading →

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