My Velveteen Star Pincushion

What color fabric did you choose and why? I chose black so that it will pull the energies off the needles. I figured black, as a banishing and removal color, would be a great color for the removal of energies.   What herbs did you use and why? I did a little differently than the... Continue Reading →


My Crafting Bottle

I chose this jar a few weeks ago while tumbling rocks for runemaking. I needed a small container to put the odds and ends chips I was getting from the rock tumbling process. I wanted to keep them, but I didn’t really know what to do with them. I looked around and found this cute... Continue Reading →

My Outdoor Kit

My outdoor kit contains a cute circular meditation blanket I found on Amazon. Why this one? I don’t know, but when I was browsing, it jumped out at me. The pillow is something I found locally. I thought it would go well with my blanket, and it’s made a tougher material which is better for... Continue Reading →

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