Blodeuwedd Correspondences


Meaning of Name Flower-Face
Area(s) of Influence Growth, Strength, Independence, Freedom
Name Variations Blodeuedd, Blodewedd
Attributes Maiden Goddess of Summer, Breaking free, Self-realization
Culture of Origin Celtic/Welsh
Festivals, Sabbats & Holy Days Beltane, MidSummer, Lughnasadh, Yule
Crystals & Gemstones Agate, amber, beryl, bloodstone, diamond, garnet
Herbs & Flowers Any flowering plant but particularly broom, meadowsweet, primrose, cockle, bean, and nettle.
Tree(s) Any flowering tree but specifically oak blossom, chestnut, and hawthorn
Animals Owl
Symbols Flowers, owls
Foods Apples, carrots
Colors White, pink, yellow, and other flower colors
Special Offerings Flowers
Element(s) Fire and earth
Zodiac Scorpio, Aquarius
Planet Sun
Day Sunday
Time of Day Night

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