My Meditation Space

  1. Where have you chosen your meditation space to be and why?

I chose a place in my room mostly because I can go in my room, close the door, and not be disturbed. If I were to try to meditate anywhere else, I would have constant “Mommy, Mommy!” The spot I chose in my room is hidden on the other side of my bed near my magickal things. It’s an area I’ve been using for magick since I moved here, and I feel comfortable in that place. The cushion is on the floor as I do not have space in my room for a chair or other furniture, and using my bed is not a wise idea (or I’d never make it through a meditation!).

  1. How did you prepare your space and why?

I cleaned up my area, and I vacuumed my room. I got my space set up for my ritual, but I put off doing the ritual until this morning when I was refreshed. Then I spontaneously woke up and could NOT sleep. I finally decided at 4 am that it was time to get up and perform the ritual. 🙂 The ritual involved a cleansing of energies as well as a consecration of the space and the pillow. I will post the ritual separately.


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