Getting Ready for Magickal Crafting

How do you choose to prepare your space for magickal crafting? First, I would want the area clean. If it’s not already, I would put everything away and do a physical cleansing of the area (sweep/vacuum, etc). I wrote a ritual to cleanse and consecrate my crafting table. I would start by cleansing and consecrating... Continue Reading →


Look What I Made: Epona

I painted a picture of Epona in the original Gualish equine form (as opposed to the adopted Roman form of her on/with a horse). She is white to symbolize fertility and protection. I had considered putting a piece of grain in the horse’s mouth, but when it came down to it, I decided the horse... Continue Reading →

Honoring Epona

How is She significant in your life? Prior to this assignment, I had not known much about Epona, but I’m in love. I’m not even sure I’d heard of her, then again, I’m not much on Celtic or mythology. But she appeals to me - I guess it’s the farm-girl in me. I’m not sure... Continue Reading →

Self-Cleansing for Meditation

  By Akhana Braamber When the ritual should be performed This ritual is best performed right before any meditation.   Items needed Shower Lavender Shampoo (lavender is associated with cleansing and purifying, shampoo for physical cleansing) Lavender Soap (lavender is associated with cleansing and purifying, soap for physical cleansing) Blue Pouf (blue is associated with... Continue Reading →

Epona Correspondences

  Meaning of Name “On Horse” (In celtic, epos = “horse”, -ona = “on”) Area(s) of Influence Horses, protection, fertility Name Variations Eponabus (plural, possibly indicating a triple goddess) Attributes Horse Goddess, Great Mare, protector, fertility Culture of Origin Celtic/Gaulish Festivals, Sabbats & Holy Days December 18 Crystals & Gemstones Pumice, sard Herbs & Flowers... Continue Reading →


Epona is a Celtic goddess thought to be originally from Gaul but worshiped all over Britain. She has connections to the Welsh goddess Rhiannon and the Irish goddess Macha. Epona traveled to Britain during the time of the Romans via the Roman military. When the Roman cavalry discovered images of Epona on her horse while... Continue Reading →


Lugh is from Ireland, but he is known in other countries such as Wales. Lugh goes by many names including Lug, Lugos, Lugus, Lugh Lámhfhada (Lugh of the Long Arm), Lleu Llaw Gyffes (Lleu of the Skillful Hand), Lugaid, Lugaidh, Lonnansclech, Lonnbeimnech (fierce striker, sword-shouter) or Macnia (boy hero), and Samildánach (Skilled in All the... Continue Reading →


Brigid is well-known in many countries such as Wales, Scotland, Spain, and France. She is known by many names including Brid, Bride, Bridey, Brig, Brigid, Brigandu, Briggidda, Brighid, Bridget, Brigit, Ffaid, Brigantia, and Brigitania. It is also believed that the Celtic goddess Brigid is the Saint Brigid of Ireland, one of the most powerful figures... Continue Reading →

Choosing Your Deities

You are to choose a God and a Goddess that are either on the list or choose 2 of your own. Write up a discussion on them and include where they are from and why they are appropriate for crafting. I have chosen Brigid and Lugh. I chose to go with Celtic deity because I’m... Continue Reading →

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