My Zafu Pillow

I looked online for the suggested and traditional fills, but I found they were price prohibitive for me so I got some cheap memory foam fill instead.

I dug through my fabrics and found two fabrics that would go half-decently together and were a thicker/stronger fabric for the pillow. Then I found a close-enough matching zipper, thread, pins, measurement tools, and scissors. I brought in my sewing machine and set it up, too. I have not sewn in a long time so I started with fixing a shirt I’ve had sitting around for a while to be fixed. Satisfied that I had not lost my touch, I began making my zafu pillow.

Here are the supplies I started with.


I hate to admit that when it comes to crafting, I’m not very good at following directions. I’m much better at looking at what I’m SUPPOSED to end up with and figuring it out on my own. That’s pretty much what I did here. I started trying to follow the directions, but just figuring out where to start the pleats was confusing. I scrolled down and looked at the photos and got general measurements. Then I closed my computer, pinned the pleats, and ironed them. I figured out the logistics of inserting a zipper inside a pleat where they close so it would not be visible, and I sewed that on. Then I played around with my pleated-pinned circle to find the right size circle that would fit inside. I drew out the circles on the other fabric and cut them out, pinned them on, and began sewing the pleats to the circles. I realized right before I started sewing the last circle that I needed to sew it with the zipper DOWN so that I could easily turn it inside out. I removed a pin, unzipped it, and sewed the circle on. Then I made sure all pins were removed and pulled it through the zipper to make it right-side out. I was quite impressed with myself. 🙂

I filled it up with the memory foam stuffing, and I put in a few lavender buds and a few drops of lavender oil because lavender helps with relaxation. When it was sufficiently stuffed, I zipped it right up, and DONE! It was actually incredibly easy, and I LOVE the way it turned out! Check this out!!



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