Meditation Questions

I have joined a new class on meditations. These are the initial questions posed and my answers.

What are you hoping to get out of this course?

I’m not sure. 🙂 It’s a class I’ve wanted to take for years, but I didn’t have the pre-reqs. I love meditation, and perhaps I just wanted to practice and get better. I’ve got an open mind, I think what’s more important is what I actually get out of it!


Discuss your experience with meditation.

As I just said, I love meditation. It’s something I do with a group (my coven) and solo. I have been doing meditations for years. It’s not always pre-written, but sometimes it is. I can go all kinds of places in my meditations and talk to all kinds of beings. I can experience things there that I could never experience in person (like riding the Chaos Dragon!).


Explain what you feel meditation is.

Meditation is relaxing the body and mind and allowing or creating experiences in the mind. This is a time for grounding and centering. It is also a time to focus and talking to deity, animal spirits, and creating experiences. This is a time for relaxing, learning, and insight.


Explain what relaxation means.

Relaxation means to rest the body and the mind. It is relaxing the muscles and allowing the physical body to fully rest. It is also clearing the thoughts and allowing the mind to fully rest.


Discuss what visualization is.

Visualization is closing one’s eyes and seeing things in their mind. It is often an intentional thing such as closing your eyes and seeing an image of your kids or animals or home. Visualization in meditation involves seeing the experience – whether it is the river or forest you are crossing or the deity you are speaking with.


Discuss what contemplation is.

Contemplation is thinking deeply about something. In regards to a meditation, this is the time at the end of a meditation where you focus on the experience you just had. By reflecting on that experience, you glean further insight and understanding about what was shown to you.


Photo courtesy of Bradley Hook.


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