Your Thoughts (History and Benefits of Meditation)

The word “meditation” comes from the Latin word “meditatum,” or “to ponder.” No one knows exactly when meditation started or how, but the first time “meditato” was used to refer to a process was in the 12th century by a monk named Guigo II. Some believe that meditation may have been used even in prehistoric... Continue Reading →


My Zafu Pillow

I looked online for the suggested and traditional fills, but I found they were price prohibitive for me so I got some cheap memory foam fill instead. I dug through my fabrics and found two fabrics that would go half-decently together and were a thicker/stronger fabric for the pillow. Then I found a close-enough matching... Continue Reading →


Hecate is a Greek Goddess. Hecate’s parentage is not entirely clear, but it is believed she is the offspring of Perses and Asteria, though some believe she’s the daughter of Demeter or even Zeus. She is the Goddess of magic and witchcraft.  She is also the Goddess of doors, gateways, and transitions. She crosses all... Continue Reading →

Meditation Questions

I have joined a new class on meditations. These are the initial questions posed and my answers. What are you hoping to get out of this course? I’m not sure. 🙂 It’s a class I’ve wanted to take for years, but I didn’t have the pre-reqs. I love meditation, and perhaps I just wanted to... Continue Reading →

Hexes and Curses

Searching the Internet for information on hexes and curses brings a wide variety of websites. There are some with loads of information, but that information is misinformation all the way from what they are to who can perform them. There are quite a few claims like, “Help! I’ve been cursed!” and “My neighbor said he... Continue Reading →

Needles Readings

Needles Reading 1: Method 1: The person's name: Bear The date the reading was performed: 7/12/17 The question asked: Will she get over her anxiety on the road while driving her vespa? How the needles fell: One of them picked up and laid across 7 other needles, none of the others crossed. The meaning of... Continue Reading →

Knife Readings

Knife Reading 1: Name: Trouble Date: 7/3/17 Question: Is my practice going in the right direction? Where the knife stopped on each spin: 1. No 2. You must have patience 3. An important letter The meaning of where the knife stopped: 1. No means no. 2. Be patient, things will take time 3. She will... Continue Reading →

Dukkerin’bars Readings

I used a moonstone and an obsidian for these readings. Dukkerin'bars Reading 1: The person's name - Rose The date the reading was performed - 6/10/17 The question asked - Will I score at least a 20 on the ACT today? How the stones fell - The stones fell pretty close to each other, but... Continue Reading →

Dukkerin’kosht Readings

Dukkerin'kosht Reading 1: I had a heck of a time trying to get Mommy time to do these readings. Every time I picked up the sticks, one of the kids needed me. Finally my teen was all, “OOoooh, what are you doing? I want to watch!!” So I asked her to give me a specific... Continue Reading →

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