Morrigan Correspondences

  Meaning of Name Great Queen, Queen of Demons, or Phantom Queen Area(s) of Influence Circle of life and death, war, water, fertility, sexuality Name Variations Mirrigu, Morgane, Morrighan, and Morgan le Fay Attributes Death and rebirth (circle of life), fate, prophecies, sovereignty, and fertility Culture of Origin Celtic/Northern Ireland Festivals, Sabbats & Holy Days... Continue Reading →



Morrigan is a Celtic goddess from northern Ireland.  The first references to Morrigan go back to 1150 CE in The Lebor Gabala Erenn (The Book of Invasions), which is a historical book of Ireland depicting the arrival of Celtic gods and their battles.  She is descended from Delbaeth and Ernmas.  Her name is spelled Mirrigu,... Continue Reading →

A Symbol of Your Creativity

I typically cycle through my classes, doing an assignment for each, then coming back to it; however, when I read the next assignment in Witchcrafting, I could not resist grabbing my materials and doing it RIGHT NOW. It was different, yet fun! I enjoyed being creative about my creativity. I did mine on painting because... Continue Reading →

Look What I Made: Blodeuwedd

For Blodeuwedd, I painted an owl with the flowers which were used to create Blodeuwedd.  Chest of hawthorn, belly of nettle, sides of cockle, wings of oak, feet of bean, head of meadowsweet, nose of broom, eyes of primrose, and ears of chestnut. The owl figure represents Blodeuwedd once she's been turned into an owl.... Continue Reading →


This is an old post I'm carrying over... Permanent Altar – This is one I set up in my work area. The altar cloth is just some fabric I ran across that I thought would be a perfect small altar cloth for the dark time of the year. I do have my Goddess and God... Continue Reading →

Honoring Blodeuwedd

How is She significant in your life? To me, Blodeuwedd signifies transformation which I have done a lot of over the past few years. I am still growing, learning, and blooming in my personal life and transforming into… well… I guess only time will tell what kind of butterfly I will be when I emerge... Continue Reading →

Blodeuwedd Correspondences

  Meaning of Name Flower-Face Area(s) of Influence Growth, Strength, Independence, Freedom Name Variations Blodeuedd, Blodewedd Attributes Maiden Goddess of Summer, Breaking free, Self-realization Culture of Origin Celtic/Welsh Festivals, Sabbats & Holy Days Beltane, MidSummer, Lughnasadh, Yule Crystals & Gemstones Agate, amber, beryl, bloodstone, diamond, garnet Herbs & Flowers Any flowering plant but particularly broom,... Continue Reading →


Blodeuwedd is a Welsh Goddess whose name is also spelled Blodeuedd or Blodewedd which means "Flower-Face." "Blodeuwedd" is also the name of the owl.  She is known for both her magickal creation as well as her deceit and everlasting punishment for what she had done. Blodeuwedd represents temporary beauty and the beautiful bloom that comes... Continue Reading →

Getting Ready for Magickal Crafting

How do you choose to prepare your space for magickal crafting? First, I would want the area clean. If it’s not already, I would put everything away and do a physical cleansing of the area (sweep/vacuum, etc). I wrote a ritual to cleanse and consecrate my crafting table. I would start by cleansing and consecrating... Continue Reading →

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